Bagging Film

Wrightlon® 6400 is a nylon bagging film with a good elongation for cure temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

Features are: 

• Good elongation and strength reduces bridging and resin richness due to low pressure in corners.
• Wide range of available sizes means excess and film waste can be minimized.
• Good temperature resistance provides security during cure temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

Available in the following sizes:    

60" Bagging Film
Yards Item# Size Price ORDER
95203  108" x 60" Folded (276cm x 152cm)
95206 216" x 60" Rolled (552cm x 152cm)
95210 360" x 60" Rolled (920cm x 152cm) 



    Test method
Material type Nylon  
Elongation at break 375 % ASTM D 882
Tensile strength 8000 psi (55 MPa) ASTM D 882
Maximum use temperature 400°F (204°C)  
Flammability (self extinguishing) Yes ATP-5034
Materials to avoid Phenolic resins/Strong oxidizers  
Color Yellow  
Shelf life Unlimited when stored in original
packaging at 72°F (22°C)


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