Commonly used in the final coat.

Add 5% Wax Solution/Air Dry to the unwaxed polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, or gel coat to make it non-tacky when dry. It contains paraffin wax suspended in styrene solvent. The wax rises to the surface as the material cures and seals the surface from oxygen.

Resin will only cure in the absence of oxygen so this is needed for the top layer. If it is not used the top layer may feel sticky.

Wax Solution or Air Dry 250 ML 5%
Wax Solution 5% 250 ML

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Size: 250ML Part # 62014



Wax Solution or Air Dry 1L 5%
Wax Solution 5% 1L

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1 Lt or 32 oz Part# 62022


Wax Solution or Air Dry 4L 5%
Wax Solution 5% 4L

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4 Lt Part# 62026


Wax Solution 20L
Wax Solution 5% 20L

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