Rayplex High Gloss Additive Quart

Rayplex High Gloss Additive Quart

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This additive is designed to significantly improve the working properties, appearance and longevity of traditional gelcoat spray patches.


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Features are: 

  • Low color, which results in excellent spray patches.
  • Low viscosity, for easier spray and less orange peel.
  • Longer working time, advantageous for repairing large defects and for mold resurfacing.
  • Light stabilized, to minimize discoloration of patches made using clear and pigmented gel coats.
  • Good surface cure, which minimizes sandpaper "gumming".
  • Excellent sanding and buffing.
  • Easy mold resurfacing.

Application guidelines:  

  1. Prepare the repair area by sanding until no glossy surface remains.
  2. Shake the Patch Aid before using.
  3. Mix patch aid thoroughly (recommended ratio mix 25%-33% Patch Aid to gel coat).
  4. Add correct amount of MekP Hardener/Catalyst (the acceptable method for measuring small quantities of MeKP is with a syringe). Care must be taken not to over-or under-catalyze, which may affect color.
  5. Mix and spray.
  6. Even a thinly sprayed layer will be ready to sand in approximately one hour and hard enough to buff soon after.
  7. Working time is approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Precautions: Secure the lid after each use. An open container will lose styrene and pick up dirt. If Patch Aid has been allowed to become cooler than 70 F, it could become cloudy and at this point would no longer be a homogenous solution. The material should be brought to room temperature and returned to its original appearance before using. Catalyzed masses get very hot as they cure. Excess catalyzed patching materials should be placed in a bucket of water to cool.


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